My work explores the fluidity of perception. Painting nature from life allows me the opportunity to reveal the inherent mystery in the world around us. Furthermore, this act of Plein Air painting forces me to wrestle with and compromise ephemeral elements such as the ever changing light and time. Therefore I feel it is appropriate to paint locations that feel liminal – entrances, exits and deep foliage have always felt mysterious and important to me, as though if I were to crawl into one I may discover some deep truth. 

"I don’t know whether we aren’t seeing the forest for the trees, or the trees for the forest. The only thing I can do is analyze everything I see up to the tiniest detail"
48x48'' Oil on Canvas 2020
Forest for the Trees.jpg
"Remaining Present"
36x48'' Oil on Canvas 2020
Tom Colcord Remaining Present.jpg
"Untitled" (Portola during early quarantine)
Oil on Paper 2020
Sunday Sunlight?.jpg
"No Tricks"
Oil on Canvas
48x48'' 2017